[EP] Billionaire Burke ‘Clear The Air’ @BBMG_BURKE


(May 28, 2020) Billionaire Burke Music Group is excited to announce that Billionaire Burke is back with a new EP!! Coming quickly after the success of the massive hit single ‘My Slime’ feat. Gunna and his debut album ‘Rise to Greatness’. ‘Clear The Air’ is the EP you have all been waiting for. Which includes the hit single “Whg5pty”. This 7 track EP has it all!

With features from Cheeks Bossman, Taleban Dooda, & Rees Money this EP will not disappoint. An album that has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for an EP that’s filled with bass and tracks that have you riding out from one to the next ‘Clean The Air’ is that EP! With caption worthy lyrics and catchy hooks and catchphrases this album is sure to be on everyone’s playlist.

The East Harlem native has been making moves on the scene and gaining serious traction across the nation. Billionaire Burke does what he does best using his passion for music, lyrical talent and life experiences to create music that’s isn’t just relatable but is memorable setting him apart from the rest the pack.

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Download/Stream: https://soundcloud.com/billionaireburke/sets/clear-the-air-ep

Make sure to follow Billionaire Burke on ALL social media and streaming platforms today! Request your favorite single at the radio stations and clubs in your area today!!


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For bookings, please contact Enrique Colon at billionaireburkenyc@gmail.com.


Sess 4-5 ft DYOR Young Chris - Money Up

Sess 4-5 “Money Up” ft DYOR Young Chris | @SESS45


Nuthin But Fire Records presents Rapper and Recording artist Sess 4-5 “Money Up” ft DYOR Young Chris produced by BlaqNmilD this New Orleans based Star is here and ready to claim the spotlight and title of Louisiana’s Next to Blow.

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Nario Da Don – Blossom


Nario Da Don – Blossom


Nario Da Don – Blossom

Artist: Nario Da Don
Track: Blossom
Producer: OGE Beats
Director: Johnny Bread
Label: Connie Boy Records
Album: The Kid From Ebony Garden
BPM: 110
Genre: Hip Hop
Mood: Dance
Emotion: Joyful

Connie Boy Records presents rapper and recording artist Nario Da Don “Blossom” this club favorite is a whole vibe, and Island dance record with Spanish and Jamaican vibes, this one is sure to keep the people moving. Contact connieboyrecords@gmail.com / Follow Nario Da Don


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Mr Red – Run The Money


Chicago Artist Mr Red Is Back With A New Banger Titled “Run The Money”

I got a chance to speak with Mr. Red about his return to the music scene and his new record, his words “I’m just havin fun with this rap shit”. These are the words that you hear Mr Red say time and time again, even though he has taken the thing that he’s “Havin fun” with and turned it into a very viable & very lucrative career.

With hit singles like “Plug” featuring Scotty Music having over 50k spins on fm radio across the country or “I’m an O.G.” featuring grammy nominated rapper King Louie with production from grammy award winning eptone productions which has gotten over 100k downloads to date! Let’s not discount other hits from Mr Red like “Trappin” produced by the legendary Zaytoven and “All Night” featuring one third of the legendary hip hop trio Do or Die.

”My team is the reason why I do it!” this is what Mr Red calls his fans. “To me it seems a bit disrespectful to call them that. They do lots of important stuff like help me get my message out and keep the music going, they are more than fans. They’re family!”

Three albums in and Mr Red has already made his mark in an arena that is almost impossible to break into. Stars are not made, they are born!

On December 10th at 9:30pm on the south side of Chicago a star was born and this fact is apparent when he enters a room. Watch close because for mr red there are big things in the making and there are nothing but great things to come…

Music Links

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6VuHlC4tZ0&feature=youtu.be

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5udIoeBc1TecGpdlPtkEjv?si=UXFxNiBXQlea6fpX9iNvLA

Social Media Info
Twitter : MrREDceo
IG : MrRedCeo
Fb : Mr Red aka Mr Red Ceo (fan page)
Fb : Alvin Pickin
Sc : Mr Red Ceo

Dian Rene – Ayudame


Latin artist with undeniable talent 
drops hot new summer single ‘La Cocinerita 

MIAMI, FL – The world’s next new Latin artist has arrived on the scene. And if you aren’t already paying attention to his music, then you better join the crowd. 

Hailing from Cuba but making his home in Miami, Florida, young Dian Rene has the kind of voice that only comes along once in a generation. Already he’s made a name for himself internationally with performances in Cuba and throughout the U.S., and a stint on the television show “The Four” helped catapult him onto a larger national stage. In the two years since that television performance, Dian has been perfecting his unique sound and style. His previous single “Ayudame” has millions of views on YouTube and is the kind of Latin dance track that is perfect for the clubs. And now, he’s set to follow that up with his hot new single “La Cocinerita.” 

According to Dian, the song is a mix between Reggaeton and Dance Hall, and tells the story of a guy in a relationship with a girl who genuinely cares about him. 

“Basically, she’s treating me better than my ex,” Dian said. “The name of the song in English means ‘the cook,’ and I’m using that as a way of saying that now I have a woman who not only feeds me literally but also goes out of her way to take care of me. There’s a double meaning in the word – I have a girl who cares about me and takes care of me and there’s a depth to the relationship.” 

Dian said his writing style is one that embraces double entendres and metaphors similar to “La Cocinerita” in ways that use words to paint pictures and put ideas into the minds of his listeners. When he combines that with vocals that soar and are undeniably talented, it makes for music that cannot be ignored. Add to that his charisma on stage and energy as an entertainer and Dian is easily one of the most important Latin artists to arrive on the international stage today. 

In addition to “La Cocinerita,” Dian has plans to release a full album later this summer. Having worked his ways to this point in his career by struggling as a young musician in Cuba before coming to the U.S. with his sister four years ago, Dian said he’s anxious to finally see his dreams become a reality. And while producers and industry insiders with whom he has worked over the years have praised his vocal talent and ability as an artist, he said getting his name and face in front of the masses has been a struggle. 

“I’ve been singing since I was born, really,” he said. “It’s not just my dream, it’s my life. I don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer, but it’s not an easy industry to break into. I’ve been working hard to get my music out, and I’m anxious for people to see me as an entertainer. I’ll give you that feeling of joy when you watch me. I just sing because that’s my life.” 

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La Cocinerita 


Vondo – Too Fast


Young Chicago rapper Vondo sets bar high for the future with hot new singles 

CHICAGO, IL – There’s a lot of darker stuff going on in the world, and Chicago-based rapper Vondo has experienced more than his fair share of those hardships. But his music isn’t the kind of dark sounding edgy content that would be reflective of those difficult times. No … His music is quite the opposite actually, and it’s his hope that more and more of his music going out into the world will uplift people from all walks of life and bring some light to this otherwise dark time in the world’s history. 

That’s not to say that he doesn’t carry scars and deal with pain like most others in the world. Those who meet him wouldn’t call him a happy-go-lucky guy, but they would say he’s human and that he finds a way to smile through the hurt. 

“I’m a unique person for someone my age,” said the 20-year-old artist. “I’ve been through a lot more than most people, and I want to be a light to the world to help other people through similar situations. There’s a lot of darker stuff going on in this world and I want to be a breath of fresh air, a light in ways that give back. That’s why my music is filled with positive vibes and messages.” 

Two of his most recently released singles put that uplifting vibe on full display. The first is a song called “Untitled.” It’s a song that upon first listening people might consider to be a sadder song, but Vondo emphasizes that the whole point of the song is to take listeners on a journey that leads them to a happier place at the end. It’s the first song that he said he wrote, produced and engineered entirely on his own, and the multiple messages encapsulated throughout the course of the song are so numerous that he eventually decided the name “Untitled” was the perfect fit.  

That single was followed by “Too Fast,” which is a fun, upbeat song that showcases Vondo’s skills as a rapper. He considers it to be one of his best rap songs and he’s proud of the rapid and choppy flows he’s able to bring to fans with this one.  

Vondo said his focus going into the summer is to make a number of music videos to go with his recently released singles, while also working on a larger project that he might drop before the end of the year.  

“With all of my music, people will be able to see my versatility and the fact that I do a lot of the stuff on my own, which sets me apart from anyone else,” he said. “By doing that, I can engineer and produce and create different sounds than you might hear otherwise. I do that because I always want to have that creative input in my music and I figured, if anyone is going to make the kind of music I want to listen to, it might as well be me.” 

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Michel J. – War Zone (Feat. Indigo G. and Maia Papaya)


Michel J. Is a Non -Traditional R&B Singer-Songwriter/Producer From Tallahassee, Fl. His Musical Influences are Drake, Kanye West, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmounds, Timbaland, Pharrell.

Michel has been Producing for 2 years and Songwriting and Singing for more than a decade. Growing up in the church he started out in the choir and discovered his love for music.

Social media links
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Micheljmusic
Instagram: @Micheljmusic
Twitter: @micheljmusic

Priceless – Know Me

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Hot New EP ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ from Florida rapper Priceless Scott gives fans a tease of good things to come 

TAMPA, FL – Keshana Scott – better known by her stage name Priceless – has seen her fair share of difficulties in life. Raised by a single parent, Priceless found herself surrounded by a strong family base and was a young girl with dreams of a prosperous future. She developed a passion for sports and loved softball, but as a child, she had a lot of health issues and eventually was hospitalized because of a bad heart. She had to undergo heart surgery and went through years of recovery. By her teenage years, she had found some stability until she became pregnant during her senior year. As a teenage mother, she found herself struggling to care for herself and her child, planning for a future for herself and her young one. 

Put the most beautiful diamonds are formed from the hardest pressure, and Priceless used the pressures of her difficult life to create something beautiful with her life. Though she’d never thought her dream of being a performer would come true, she was hopeful when she walked into a recording studio in 2012 and recorded her first song over Tyga’s “Rack City” instrumental. That first recording gained some attention and in the years since, she has built a strong career for herself as a musician and entertainer.

Her most recent work is a six-song EP appropriately titled “Pressure Makes Diamonds.” It’s a project that showcases the young artist’s diversity and versatility. She captures a variety of moods across the six songs, from Dance to Hip Hop to Pop and everything in between. She also touches on different scenarios she’s experienced in her difficult life, highlighting how those hard times have molded and shaped her into the woman she is today.

“It’s basically a project that shows the struggles I’ve been through to get to where I am,” Priceless said. “I’m more raw and can speak to a broad range of experiences. That’s something many people can relate to. These experiences and stories I’ve been through can connect with other people. I use my feelings and experiences and emotions and pain and joy in ways that relate to multiple people. I want it to be motivational and emotional. I want you to feel it – to feel me and connect with me before you even see me.”

In many ways, that motivational message is pointed back at herself. She admits that much of the struggle to attain her dreams were self-created. She had to overcome her fears of failure and the doubts of whether or not she was good enough to be taken seriously.

“But this is about me stepping into my life and overcoming the shit I’ve been through in life,” she said. “It’s about overcoming the doubt and fear of not knowing what’s going to happen. I didn’t believe I could do it or make it happen, and I was harder on myself than anybody. I was starting to sacrifice myself. But not anymore. This is the rebirth of Priceless. There’s no bullshit anymore. I’m not letting life and shit that doesn’t really matter hold me back from chasing my dreams and knowing where I can be.”

The first single off the EP is already available across all streaming platforms. It’s called “Know Me,” and is an aggressive song that lashes back against haters who criticized her during the early part of her music career. The single will be followed by the full EP on May 15. 

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Abstract – “Vampire” (Beats producer, Blulake)


Abstract continues string of hot releases with catchy new single ‘Vampire’

JACKSON, WY – One of the hottest international artists on the Hip Hop market today is a young man who goes by the stage name Abstract. His videos on YouTube have seen hundreds of millions of views, and his plays on Spotify have skyrocketed into the multiple millions with over 130 million overall plays. Songs like “I’m Good” and “LA Vibes” have connected with fans in all corners of the world, and his song that featured a sample of the hit “Lost Boy” by Ruth B titled “Neverland” is one of the most-played videos on YouTube.

With half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, this independent artist is ready to continue that success with a new single called “Vampire” which has already topped 100,000 streams in less than a week. Dubbed as a bit of a departure from his normal sound, the EDM-heavy vibe is upbeat in that it is perfect for any public setting whether it be a party or good times at the club. According to Abstract, the song started as a way for him to vent after a bad breakup with a girlfriend at the beginning of 2019. He started writing and tinkered with it for the better part of a year alongside his team member and the beats producer, Blulake from Stockholm Sweden, and his main producer and vocal engineer, Cryo Music from Scotland. The three worked on it in-between a slew of other projects till they felt they had made the song exactly what it was supposed to be. The end result is a multilayered track that is undeniable in its catchy-ness and is sure to set the world on fire.

“It’s a lot bigger of a project than I normally do because it has so many layers of sounds,” Abstract said. “It has a bigger and deeper sound and it takes more mixing to clean up that much sound all the way through and make every layer come through as clean as it should be. So we took our time with it and we weren’t in a rush to finish it. The end result is something we’re really proud of.”

Abstract said the song touches on the kind of toxic people who go out of their way to make others miserable – a kind of “misery loves company” anthem that takes a stance against that all-too-familiar scenario. 

“It’s about remaining who you are and being true to who you are regardless of who’s trying to come against you,” he said. “Vampires feed upon others and create other vampires. Don’t let them do that to you. Being motivational is what I want my music to be about at the end of the day. Even if I have darker stuff, I don’t like to leave people in a hole. So if I bring you to a darker place with my music, I like to go through the evolution of bringing some kind of light at the end of it and I tend to do the personal healing I need to in the process. I want to help people face their problems, something that is different from a lot of music out there today, which is very escapist. My music is very much about confronting things head-on. I think that’s where real change and healing and growth can happen.”

And though Abstract admits that “Vampire” is a bit of a departure from what fans have seen from him to date, he also points out that his name and brand are all about serving the duality of different vibes and that his style has always been very fluid from the beginning. He always brings content that is inspired from things he’s been through or witnessed or is trying to figure out, but the abstract nature of his wordplay and sound choices make for a distinct sound that will always surprise and entertain fans worldwide.

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“Vampire” (Beats producer, Blulake)


Rich Debiase – Bands Ova Night


‘Bands Ova Night’ sets stage for rebirth of West Coast artist Rich Debiase

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Rich Debiase is one of those artists who can’t stop making hit after hit. Over the past decade, he’s dropped so many singles and EPs that his sound can be heard in nearly all corners of the world. And it’s not a sound that’s static – no, it’s a sound that has changed and evolved over the years to reflect not only the modern vibes that have become popular through Hip Hop but also to share the inspirations of his own life with the rest of the world.

Most recently, that evolution can be seen with his hot new single, “Bands Ova Night.” Dubbed as a “hard-hitting reality rap,” the new song is one that Rich said is full of energy and will stick in the listeners minds long after they stop listening.

“I just had to tell the truth on this one,” he said. “There’s so much going on in the industry right now and I felt like I had to hit on some hard reality. Basically, I’m just saying that we wanna go get that money fast. We’re not waiting for it and sitting around. As fast as they can print it, we can go get it. We just dropped a video for this on May 15 and it’s already blowing up. I predict 3 million views in two months, and that’s because the world needs this kind of song right now. They need some of that new-school Tupac that I bring. They need somebody to give them that thorough raw-ness and confident energy.”

The single is actually the first off a new album from Rich called “Rich Report” which is due out in mid-July. The 13-track album will put his new vibe and energy on full display. It’s a project that he calls his “rebirth.” For much of his career to date, he’s been known by the name J-Rich and that name and brand has developed a very specific reputation. It’s a reputation he’s proud of but it’s also one that he recognizes must evolve in order to continue to have a powerful voice in the music industry today. This forthcoming album and his new name Rich Debiase, is testament to the kind of artist he can be – one who can change with the times and who will always bring relevant messages through his modern-sounding music.

“I rap about shit I see in everyday life and not everybody sees what I see every day,” he said. “I’m not rapping about other people’s lives or things I don’t experience. Nobody has had my experiences or seen the things I’ve seen the way I’ve seen them. So I’m giving back my real-life experiences through my music. It’s not cap Rap. It’s reality Rap. I see it and I rap about it. And at the end of the day, it’s all about motivating people. When you see me, you see someone who came from absolutely nothing. I came from poverty. I’m living proof through my music and lifestyle that you can come from nothing and make something. My music lets people know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you put in hard work and keep grinding and keep your nose clean, you’ll get to where you want to go. It ain’t easy, but my story shows you that it can be done.”

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