Industries Most Wanted interviews Jacksonville producer, SJ Beatz


What’s good SJ Beatz. Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Thanx to all the readers for checking this out, I’m SJ Beatz out of Jacksonville Florida…..

Where did the name SJ Beatz come from?
I just came up with it. Its my initials and I just added Beatz to kinda seperate mymself from all the SJs lol

How did music become your passion?
I was in the band in middle school, thats where the passion started. But as of 2015, I wanted to try to a new venture and that was being an online beat maker.
But the journey I’ve taken seems so much better than just tryna sell beats online.

How long have you been making beats?
5 years

What producers do you look up to in the Industry?
Thats a long list lol but my top are L.A. Reid and Zaytoven

Tell us about your new single called ‘Where I’m From.’
‘Where I’m From’ is my first single ft Riqo Suave. I met Riq a few years back at an event called Hip Hop Nite and the Jinx in Savannah Georgia. He seemed to be the type
of artist I wanted to work with, so we exchanged instagrams and kept in touch. He heard the 15th track from my 4th beat tape hosted by yourself and DJ Smooth Montana and he said send him the beat. He made
the song, Pesomakemybeats engineered it, and when i got it back, I was amazed…..Funny thing is when I asked him when he was gonna be released, he said “Fool, thats YOUR song! Then the lightbulb in my head went off lol

What’s next for you?
I’m just working with everyone I can, while working on my craft at the same time. I got a few more songs coming soon also so stay tuned

Where can we follow you on social media?
Follow me @decircproductions on instagram

Any shout outs?
S/o you Tampa Mystic for blessing me and rocking w me the past few years. Also one time for Riqo Suave too!!! YEAHEEE YEAHAAAA!!!