Meet Iulia Valentina: The Traveling Influencer

Social media wealth is harder to achieve than you may believe.

It’s easy to raddle off Instagram models with millions of followers, it’s easy to raddle off Instagram models with their own influence-driven beauty products, but how many models can you name with successful brands outside of social media purchases? And with the algorithm adjusted and likes counters that drove consumers to proposed items removed from the popular social media, turning easy transfer of popularity into profitable margin on the platform has reached the verge of extinction. Creating a survival of the fittest separation that reveals the rareties that is the authentic successful models-turned-successful entrepreneurs like the Kendall Jenners, Chrissy Teigens and popular Romanian model Iulia Valentina.

Iulia Valentina is an anomaly.

Like most, Iulia gravitated to the popular pictorial outlet with aspirations of connecting with friends and expressing bubbly personality. As her following slowly grows from its early foundation, she discovered the business side of beauty.

“I started with about 2000 followers two years ago. I started to notice when I would post certain types of pictures I would gain lots of likes and followers. I decided to continue with posting these types of pictures until I reached about 20k followers. I wanted to build an aesthetic with my page, not just pictures around the house and mirror selfies. When I got to about 50k, I started to focus more on quality nature and lifestyle pictures and that is when I started to go viral. I was gaining about 100k followers a week at this point, and this is when companies started to reach out to me for paid opportunities.“

Valentina saw her popularity as a more than a profit for others and began developing her own signature brand name. Thus begins the creation of the beauty empire including a fashion line in Glitz Fashion and a celebrity cosmetic line called IVO Comestics.

Glitz Fashion is a signature clothing line that is not only affordable but a comfortable fit for a wide variety of body types between the ages of 18 to 30. IVO is a celebrity brand that is popularized by its wide variety of celebrity worn eyelashes.

As one of the most prescient pieces of new wave fashion, Valentina’s credits the popularity of her Glitz Fashion Brand to her unique creativity and the execution of providing signature looks that everyone can connect too. The brand relates to her viral beginning which practice consistency, a testament to ambition and memorable looks due to the fluid style packing.

Here are some tips to success by Iulia Valentina:

*I think the most important thing is to be yourself and post fun content that describes you and your image, and what you stand for. It is also important to show your talent, passion, and personality this way you will attract people that have the same interest.

*The quality of your content and being unique is also something that will help make you stand out.

*Investing time on your content and studying what other successful people and brands are doing is also a great way to head towards the same path.

Valentina’s business tutelage derives from her upbringing. Iulia says that growing up in a third world country was hard and she didn’t have it easy. This only boosted her will power to achieve her dreams of being an independent and successful woman when she grew up. She currently has millions of followers and is an inspiration to many girls.

For Glitz Fashion, as a new designer Iulia came in with an agenda, topic and a purpose. “‘I wanted to create something that women will feel comfortable in and will last them a long time. I know that if I buy something, I want it to last. I try to give my customers the services I would like to receive”

Socially, for everything Iulia Valentina, follow her journey on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Purchase official Glitz Fashion and IVO Cosmetics today on the official website. Items ranging from $30-50 with a 50% Cyber special currently underway.


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