Kaelyn Kastle – “2 Pretty”

Foundation Media/RCH Records’ singer Kaelyn Kastle is a phenomenal new vocalist with a tremendous amount of range and creativity. And with a co-sign by Nicki Minaj, Kastle is identified as the next big thing which shows in her debut, “Not Yours”. Today, the Atlanta songbird seizes the moment with a new single, titled, “2 Pretty”.

Paul “PressPlay” Robinson, Ira Hobbs Jr. & Joel Tock, “2 Pretty” is the first commercial release in her new deal with Foundation Media. On the song, Kaelyn Kastle sings about how tainted love can easily turn into an unhealthy obsession without proper closure.

“‘2 Pretty’ happened because a group of dope creatives came together,” Kastle says. “Ira & Paul help make the aesthetics of my life and how I’m feeling make sense. We literally create concepts based on my daily actions, which are just like anyone else’s. I needed to say, don’t play with me unless you want to be played with, and this is what we came up with.”

Kastle’s sound has become an international success with followings in London, Brisbane and Toronto. After the listen, feel free to continue following Kaelyn Kastle on Twitter.

Stream “2 Pretty” now, courtesy Spotify.

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