Gromo – “Nuke”

New York star Gromo returns with his explosive new song, titled, “Nuke”. Filled with heavy 808s, steady electronic dance sound and signature chemistry with singer Hush as a reoccurring guest feature. The new song is predicted to be Gromo’s best song yet.

On the new song, Gromo and Hush dance to the good times and bad times that we all deal with in this thing called life. Using a developed signature sound, Gromo sets up a promising 2020 filled with anticipation of not only more new music but a potentially breakthrough full-length project. Gromo releases the new track on his own imprint.

“It was important for me with “Nuke” to take the listener somewhere. My favorite albums by artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Dr. Dre all take the listener on a journey into their world. The music reflects their realities. With “Nuke”, I want to take you into the world of mind and imagination of Gromo. When I first created the song, the idea was to cross-pollinate the energy of EDM with the rawness and gritty Hip-Hop,” Gromo said on new song.

Stream “Nuke” on SoundCloud now.


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